About Us

Since 1986, the Seeds of Peace Collective has provided logistical support and trainings to activists struggling on the front lines for social, environmental, and economic justice. We are a small but motivated group of individuals dedicated to furnishing the basics–namely, food, water, and skill sets–essential to the success of direct action campaigns and mass mobilizations.


It is our intention to use our skills and equipment, not merely to provide a “service,” but rather to promote individual empowerment and community solidarity by providing an effective and adaptable framework. As a small collective, we cannot, by ourselves, cook for 5,000 people. But by providing kitchen equipment and a certain level of experience, we can work with and facilitate a group of people to cook , deliver, and serve a meal on such a scale.

Seeds of Peace is dedicated to feeding, training, and in all ways supporting the practitioners of radical political change. We have a mobile kitchen that can serve thousands, we have the experience and determination to assist in organizing mass mobilizations and direct action campaigns, and we offer a wide variety of trainings, incuding: campaign strategizing, nonviolent direct action- and mass action tactics, community health and safety, guerilla kitchen basics, and action first aid. We also organize Direct Action Camps now and again. If you would like us to support your event or action in any of the above ways, please contact us with details and we’ll see what we can do.


In July of 2013, Seeds of Peace collaborated with local Utah organizations Canyon Country Rising Tide and Peaceful Uprising to host a direct action training camp culminating in an action that shut down the preliminary construction of the first proposed tar sands mine in the United States.


Seeds of Peace emerged out of the historic Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament in 1986 as an organization dedicated to providing the basics–namely, food, water, and medical aid–to those struggling on the front lines for social, environmental, and economic justice. Seeds of Peace has worked for over 23 years to support communities working on a direct, grassroots level to end homelessness, stem nuclear proliferation, promote indigenous self-determination, advocate for the rights of the undocumented, resist capitalism and neoliberal globalization, and demand environmental and climate justice.


Our commitment to the struggle of the Newe (Western Shoshone) for the return of their lands and for an end to nuclear testing began in the late 1980’s. Since then, we have often supported their annual Mothers’ Day gathering at the Nevada Test Site as well as other related events and actions

In addition to working with Dineh (Navajo) elders in their struggle against forced relocation from Big Mountain, Seeds of Peace has supported the Coalition of Immoklee Workers, Homes Not Jails, Veterans Against the War, Code Pink, Greenpeace, the Common Ground Collective, Earth First!, Rising Tide, Climate Ground Zero, the Shundahai Network, United for Peace and Justice, and a number of other organizations and movements, both big and small.

In the early 1990s, Seeds of Peace moved to the Northern Rockies (from the Southwest) to support a decade-long campaign to stop the Cove/Mallard timber sale in central Idaho. Around that same time, we began working with local environmental activists to help start what would become the Buffalo Field Campaign–an ongoing movement to stop the slaughter of Bison that wander outside the Yellowstone National Park boundaries–while continuing our commitment to the Cove/Mallard Campaign.


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