Gathering: June 3-9 Honoring the Resistance at Big Mountain/Black Mesa

Greetings, We’d like to update you on and request your support for the upcoming gathering on Black Mesa that is focused on decolonizing the mind/mine.  The gathering will include workshops and conversations between and among the Big Mountain/Black Mesa resistance community and other frontline resistance  communities from around the country, Native youth organizer caucus, cultural sharing, work parties, an elders’ circle, a community meal, and a concert with Rebel Diaz, Bronx-based hip hop artists and youth organizers, and Shining Soul, grassroots hip hop duo from occupied O’odham  land in Southern Arizona.

There will be  participants from a wide array of struggles: Palestinian Youth Movement, (Un)Occupy Albuquerque, Hawaiian Sovereignty movement, Ka Lei Maile Ali’i, Radical Action for Mountain Peoples Survival (RAMPS), Seventh Native American Generation (SNAG), Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance, Sixth World Indigenous Peoples Organization.*Participation for this gathering is currently full.  There are, however, other ways to support.

*We are seeking financial support for the gathering.  Funds will go to: Indigenous organizers and other frontline communities’ travel, documenting of the event by Native Youth Media Collective, Outta Your Backpack Media, sheep for meals, and supplies for on-land work projects.  We are asking folks for help in spreading this Rocket Hub link around on social media to fund the travel for Rebel Diaz from NYC.  To be clear, funds raised will be used  more broadly for many other aspects of the gathering (like those listed above), but since Rebel Diaz is well-known and has high travel costs, we made a special initiative to get them to the gathering.As always, you can send checks to “Black Mesa Indigenous Support” at PO Box 23501 Flagstaff, AZ 86002 OR donate online here.If you donate online, don’t forget to put BMIS in the designation box.Thank you for your continued support!

With Gratitude,The Black Mesa Indigenous Support Collective: Berkley, Liza, Derek, Hallie, & Tree

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