Getting There

Sarah installs the in-tank heat exchanger and the hose-in-hose lines on our new one-ton Dodge flatbed [left and right]. Heading east through western Colorado [center]. Our waste vegetable oil processing station at Sundial Gardens in Moab, Utah [below].

Throughout the past several years Seeds of Peace has set up and dismantled dozens of waste vegetable oil processing stations all over the country. Garages, side yards, car ports, and the woods have all served as wonderful locations. Here, in the red rocks of Moab, Utah we’ve perfected a routine in gathering, filtering, and processing hundreds of gallons of waste vegetable oil to get our beloved bus to Chicago and so many other places this summer. We are half-way through the vegetable oil conversion of our new one ton Dodge flatbed, but because we did not receive all of the parts we ordered from Frybrid we had to drive it to Chicago on diesel (cut with 30-40 percent veggie oil). We ordered the parts over four and a half months ago, but only recently received the first shipment which did not include the majority of the essential conversion components. Working with and communicating with Frybrid has been, to say the least, a very frustrating experience, but as soon as they ship us the rest of the conversion kit, we’ll have two fully functioning waste vegetable oil vehicles!

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