Bracing for a whirlwind

Friends, supporters, and revolutionary riffraff

With just a few short days until Mayday, activists and organizers are preparing for a flurry of events throughout the month. In an effort to build momentum for massive, broad-based demonstrations against the leaders of NATO, groups from the Chicago community and around the country are bringing attention to the power and influence wielded by NATO. From increased militarization of international borders and the denial of  basic human rights, to protecting the practitioners of destructive global economic policies: the influence of NATO is undeniable and the people will mass on May 20 and 21st to let them know that the time of unilateral policing, failed economics, and global military hegemony is coming to a close.

The month of action will kick off May 1st, MAYDAY! In Chicago, labor unions of all stripes will team up with immigrant communities, Occupy Chicago, IVAW and a range of other community organizations to reclaim International Workers Day as a critical day for protest and celebration. Events will kick off around 12 noon at Liberty Plaza with a march to Grant Plaza. Seeds of Peace and FNB, working as Food Not NATO, will be providing food at the beginning of and during the march.

As the month proceeds there will be a host of trainings, actions and gatherings. Some highlights include the Spreading the Health Conference, the Peoples Summit, and a week of themed actions leading up to the NATO summit on May 20, 21. More details coming soon.

Visit the “official” NATO protest website for more details and info.

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