A Preview of the Chicago Spring

Most of us have been sitting on the edge of seats — some of us longer than others — since last September when Zuccotti Park was occupied by a small, but determined, group of individuals fed up with the corporate control of our lives. The momentum of the Occupy Movement and the ‘American Fall’ gave way to a winter in which strategies were developed, ideologies were re-discovered, and rhetoric was strengthened. The question on everyone’s lips now is “what is going to happen next?”

For the next two months all eyes are on Chicago, where a spat of housing occupations, conferences, actions and community building will culminate in broad-based decentralized opposition to the NATO summit on May 20-21. Dozens of groups are preparing for what will hopefully be the definitive anti-war, anti-corporate, and revolutionary action of the year. Or, rather, the actions that will re-invigorate and propel the developing Occupy Movement, and those involved in ‘the struggle’ into its next phases.

The city of Chicago and its gogo (good government) reformist leader Rahm Emanuel are attempting to implement harsh dissent measures for those planning on taking a stand against NATO in the windy city. Whatever ends up happening, Seeds of Peace and Chicago Food Not Bombs will be there to make sure people are fed and ready to take on NATO, the City of Chicago, and the oppression of the militarized state. Stay tuned for details, things are going to get exciting!

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